About Aston

“Step into my world/And I’ll show you what it’s like,”

from “Freak (Dance With Me)” by Aston.


Performer, songwriter and singer Aston’s had a dream that reads like a combination of a Disney fairy tale, the Wizard of Oz and a Lifetime movie of the week.  In the dream, Aston was a small-town Texas girl who takes the bus to Hollywood in search of fame. As she lay sleeping, she heard the strains of “Circles”, the first single from her debut, six-song EP, while she dreamt of her transformation into a “sexual goddess,” a pop-dance diva with influences that include Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson, whose portrait is tattooed on her left shoulder. In the end, Aston woke up to discover it’s all been a dream, but events in real life are proving quite the opposite. “It’ll happen,” she says confidently. “I know it will. Just watch.”

Watch indeed – you can’t take your eyes off Aston. There’s a sweetness about her in private that contrasts what happens onstage: Aston transforms into a swan, a larger-than-life figure who stops traffic in her halter top, hot pants, high-heel pumps and pink tresses. “I like to be sexual and have fun on-stage,” she enthuses. “When the camera’s on me, that’s when I come alive.”

The road to her debut EP was a long and winding one, from the little girl who posed like Marilyn Monroe in the mirror, sang along to Celine Dion and danced to MC Hammer on the TV to a rebellious teenage bride whose ambitions had to take a back seat when the father of her child was sent to prison, leaving Aston to step up and raise her daughter alone.

Those experiences are captured in the high-energy dance-floor beats and rhythms of her music, the self-penned “Freak (Dance with Me),” which expresses her freewheeling views of sexual liberation in its menage a trois scenario: “There’s two boys with one girl/She doesn’t know what to think/But by the end of the night/I bet they’ll turn her into a freak.”

“I never knew how to identify myself until I saw the definition of pansexual,” she says about her own sexual orientation. “It is the word that would best describe me. I don’t look at a person’s gender, gender identity, appearance, age or race. It’s all about the quality of their internal spirit.”

Songs like “Miss Me,” “Need U ASAP” and the tribal percussive “Pulse” ooze sexuality and urge people to free their libidos, taking away the shame of desire and instead, celebrating it. “Smells Like Love,” which starts as a piano ballad before segueing into a feverish ode to animal attraction, is a tribute to her love of Disney, a nod to The Lion King’s “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” Bullied in school for her overt sexuality, Aston is committed to speaking out against that kind of activity and is a vocal supporter of LBGTQ causes.

“My goal is to show, no matter what you’ve been subjected to in the past, when you work your butt off, and stick with what you’re doing, anything is possible,” she says.

Just three years ago, Aston was recording demos on keyboards with a local rapper in Houston, with no idea what would happen to the tracks. Thanks to a shoeshine guy at a nearby country club named Juan, they found their way into the hands of Nashville producer David Huff who knew in an instant he wanted to work with her. Traveling between Texas and David’s Los Angeles studio, Aston completed the EP, and the childhood dream suddenly began turning into reality.

With a show that includes dancers, choreography, theatrical effects and her own larger-than-life persona, Aston feels she has overcome her childhood feelings of inadequacy and rejection.

“I want to create my own story, my own presentation,” she says. “I sometimes feel like I’m going to wake up and be back in Texas. I have to pinch myself.

But I finally know my worth. I will earn people’s respect because I’m 100% driven. All the heartbreak and abuse I’ve been through have led to where I am today, and I hope to provide that kind of inspiration to everyone, young and old. I want my music to spread all over the world.”

In “Circles,” Aston sings, “I’m gonna blow you away,” and you’ll find that she definitely will. She is a force of nature.

“You bring the room to life/When you hit the floor/Every move you make/I just want you more.” (from the track “Pulse”)

Aston is destiny. Just watch. You won’t be able to take your eyes off her.

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