Aston, has released her new debut single “Circles”!  You can listen to her on iTunesApple MusicSpotify.

About Aston

Performer, songwriter and singer Aston’s had a dream that reads like a combination of a Disney fairy tale, the Wizard of Oz and a Lifetime movie of the week.  In the dream, Aston was a small-town Texas girl who takes the bus to Hollywood in search of fame. As she lay sleeping, she heard the strains of “Circles”, the first single from her debut, six-song EP, while she dreamt of her transformation into a “sexual goddess,” a pop-dance diva with influences that include Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson, whose portrait is tattooed on her left shoulder. In the end, Aston woke up to discover it’s all been a dream, but events in real life are proving quite the opposite. “It’ll happen,” she says confidently. “I know it will. Just watch.”